Office Routing Plus FAQ:

Q: Will Office Routing Plus (ORP) work in the next version of Office after 2007 (Office 2010 and past 2010)?
A: As of version, Office Routing Plus supports Office 2010 for creating routing slips and routing 2010 Excel and Word documents. Because ORP does not use any built in API's from Microsoft to carry out routing functions or saving slip information, we do not anticipate any reason that ORP will not continue to work past Office 2010.
Q: Does the ORP Add-In work in Office 2003 or just in 2007/2010?
A: The ORP Add-In was designed to restore routing slip functionality in Word/Excel 2007/2010, while allowing any remaining 2003 users to route documents to and from 2007/2010 users via the ORP Add-In. 2007/2010 users can also route documents to and from 2003 users. Read more about using Office Routing Plus in a Mixed Environment
Q: How should we handle vacation or out of office scenarios? I just received a routing document and routed it to the next recipient. I got an out of office reply. Now what?
A: New to version 2.019, you may delete the recipient you just routed to by highlighting that recipient's name and pressing the Delete Recipient button. Recipients that have been routed to may only be deleted if you were the last one who routed to the recipient that you are trying to delete. When you delete the recipient, a new dialog box will come up asking if you would like to send a message to this person. This will allow you to tell the person that you are removing them from the routing process for this document so they know when they return that they do not need to route the document to the next sender. After you send the out of office recipient this message, you may add a new recipient in their place (if desired) by clicking the Add Recipient button. You may then use the up and down arrows to get this recipient in the correct order in the recipient list. Now route the document to the next recipient.
Q: Does Office Routing Plus work in 64 bit version of Office?
A: Yes. There is a separate installer for the add-in for 64 bit versions of Office 2010. Please request this installer if you need it for the demo or for your live licenses. Note that if you have 64 bit version of Windows but are still using a 32 bit version of Office 2010, the standard installer should work fine.
Q: How do I add a routing slip to a 2007 Word/Excel document with the ORP Add-In?
A: Launch the ORP Add-In from within Word/Excel and click the "Add Recipients" button. After you have added the recipients to route to, click the "Add Slip" button. To route to the first recipient simply click the "Route to Next" button.
Q: Where will the ORP Add-In show in Word or Excel?
A: In 2007, you will find ORP under the Add-Ins menu. In 2003 you will find a button for ORP on the left, slightly under the File menu.
Q: What if the ORP Add-In is not showing in the locations mentioned above?
A: Check the instructions in the help manual here
Q: How will the ORP Add-In know which users email addresses from my organization to show as potential recipients?
A: This depends on how you have setup the Recipient Selection Mode configuration setting. Read about this setting here. You will have three options. 1) Outlook Global Address List (requires Outlook to be installed on this machine) 2) From Active Directory (Requires that you setup the routingLdap.txt file) 3) Manually - this allows you to enter recipients "by hand" without any preloaded names from Outlook or Active Directory. Note, that you can also use the feature that allows you to save recipient lists for saving a list of recipient names you route to frequently (this feature may be used regadless of which of the 3 previous mentioned settings you choose for the Recipient Selection Mode).
Q: Does the ORP Add-In retain the "Return When Done" feature so that the routing initiator of the Word or Excel slip will receive the final version of the document as well as an email notifying him/her that the routing slip has completed?
A: Yes, the "Return When Done" feature has been retained in the ORP Add-In. See all the Features of Office Routing Plus
Q: Does the ORP Add-In retain the "Track Status" feature so that the routing initiatior of the Word or Excel slip will receive an email as each recipient in the routing tree sends to the next recipient?
A: Yes, this feature has been retained in the ORP Add-In. More Features
Q: Why does the ORP Add-In show in Outlook?
A: The ORP Add-In may show in Outlook if you have purchased ORP for MS Word and if you use MS Word as your email editor for Outlook and if you are still using Office 2003. The ORP Add-In has been programmed so that you cannot actually launch it from Outlook--although the button may show.
Q: Why do documents that have been routed by ORP open from MS Outlook as read only?
A: This is actually a feature of Outlook and has nothing to do with ORP. In Outlook 2007 and earlier any file attachments from Outlook will open in read only mode if you open the attachment from the reading pane (aka the preview pane). The solution on these versions of Outlook is to double click to open the email message first and then open the file attachment. In Outlook 2010 all attachments seem to open in read only mode by design. For the 2010 issue, see the article here for a description of the problem and some work-arounds.

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" Thanks to the Office-Routing Plus Add-in, our teams are back in business routing documents for review purpose. Without this valuable add in, we would have to do the whole process manually, which is going to be unsustainable. Thanks again! "
– Steve Yuen, IT Analyst, Johnson & Johnson Inc.

" The Office-Routing Add-in allowed us to quickly and easily replace the lost functionality of document routing in Office 2007 without having to develop custom work flows through the Share Point Server – we have been very pleased with the results "
– Kent Smith, W.C. Bradley Co.

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