Enhanced Licenses To Be Released Soon-Real Time Tracking and Archiving Routing History and Documents For Easy Retrieval

Integrity Solutions has been working on enhanced licenses for the Office Routing Plus© product.  The enhanced product will allow “power users” who currently rely heavily on Office Routing Plus to have real time tracking of documents and the routing status of each document that the user is associated with in their organization.  In addition to real time tracking of open routing documents, the enhanced product will also allow users to quickly search, filter, and sort routing history on any documents that have already completed the routing process. 

While many users will find that the base product suits their needs for archival, via the emails that can be archived in your email program’s sent box or inbox, other users who have a number of documents enroute at any given time, will find the enhanced product’s search and sort features to be a vast improvement.  Also, there is presently no way to have real time tracking of the status of the document, other than the emails that are sent to the initiator.  If you are the initiator of multiple documents, it can become cumbersome to track the status of each one just by email notifications coming at you from multiple routing processes.  Additionally, if you are not a routing initiator then you have no way to presently track the status of the document.  The new enhanced product will allow the document initiator, and anyone upstream or downstream from the present state of the routing process to check on the status of documents that are enroute. 

An organization that has purchased the baseline product for Office Routing Plus may choose to purchase an additional number of enhanced licenses for power users. For example, an organization may have purchased 200 licenses of the baseline product and only wish to pay for 20 enhanced licenses for the people who need the enhanced functionality.  If your organization already uses just the baseline product, then all users would need to upgrade to a new version of the baseline product, which can write data to a simple MYSQL© database that will be installed in your environment.  Then the enhanced licenses will be installed separately for just the users who are using the enhanced product.

The enhanced product will likely be a new feature that shows up inside of Excel or Word.  We may decide that this should be a product that runs outside of Excel or Word but our impression is that most users who use Office Routing Plus will want to stay inside of Word or Excel to see the real time status of documents that are enroute, or to lookup routing history (or the actual final archived document) on completed routing processes.  Let us know via email if you have feedback on this matter, or if you would like to provide any feedback at all about these exciting new features while they are being developed (orpsales@office-routing.com)!  Our target date is February 2011.  The enhanced licenses will be available in beta mode for existing Office Routing Plus users and then the licenses will be on sale.

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