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Office Routing Plus Announcements
Fall 2013

Probitas Solutions is announcing the following product releases.

New Product Highlight: ORP For Outlook
With our new ORP Outlook product, users can route any type of document (not just Excel and Word documents as is the case with our other products).  This allows for routing Adobe PDF documents, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, bmp, jpg; any type of document that can be attached to an Outlook email can be routed with this product! Users can also route multiple documents for review in one single routing process.  The other main advantage of our Outlook product over our other product offerings, is that the Outlook product allows for real time tracking of where the routing process is, without hunting through tracking emails in your inbox.  A history and real time tracking screen allows initiators and others who are signed up for status tracking to quickly view the status of any routing processes that are out for review.  This allows for quicker administration and more efficient organizatin of routing processes.

Existing ORP Excel/Word customers may request to purchase the upgrade to ORP Outlook by emailing


Recent Product Upgrade Announcements
Note all of our products have been compatible with MS Office 2013 since April of 2013.  As well, some customers on older versions of our products may need to upgrade in order for ORP to work with Office 2010.
ORP Enterprise

Version 1.04 (2013.10.14)

  • Fix for when apostrophes were in subject text, recipient names, or file names. This would cause an error when inserting the history to the database file
  • Sorting in history grid is now done by military time instead of regular am/pm. This makes sorting more accurate for when documents were initiated or approved on the same day and am/pm may have been incorrectly displaying

ORP Outlook

Version 1.03 (2013.10.9)

  • If an application such as excel or word was already opened and a user tried to open a file attachment of the same application type that was already running, then an error would generate, forcing the user to first close the application which was already running and then view/edit the file attachment. In this version, users may keep any application running and still open and even change any file attachments when the file attachments are of the same application type that is already running.
  • The final initiator was getting added twice to the bottom of the routing recipients list when using the favorites option and “final return recipient” was already saved as the last recipient in the favorites list. Once update or add slip was selected a second “final return recipient” was added to the bottom of the grid. This is now corrected in this version.
  • More fixes put in place for apostrophes in file names, subject, recipients. 1.02 introduced some fixes for this problem, but more comprehensive fix for anywhere apostrophes can cause problems has been added to this release.

Version 1.02 (2013.7.01.02)

  • If a routing message in history tab for initiator for some reason still shows under the incomplete filter drop down even though it has been completed, initiators may not manually force these to completed status
  • If file names or subject of routing message contained an apostrophe, errors were occuring “incorrect syntax near…”.. This problem is fixed
  • The history database and corresponding history files may now be moved to a user specified location. Use the settings feature for changing this setting or see the Outlook manual for how to specify this setting manually in a text file.

ORP Standard

4.08 (2013.5.30)

  • Word macro files (.docm) were incorrectly sending out status messages when the status message included the updated file at each step. The updated file at each step was always a step behind, meaning it was sending the updated file that was updated by the previous sender instead of the file just updated by the present sender.

4.07 (2013.04.24)

  • Error was occurring upon the first usage of ORP. This error was: “could not find a part of the path “C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\office routing plus\config files\routingtempfileattachmentpath.txt”. The fix is to just click past this error and you will only see it once per computer or just request this patch version.
  • Default value that indicates whether to search for and delete the message that was routed to a user once the user routes to next recipient has been changed to a default of No. Formerly it defaulted to Yes. Note that if you apply this version or a future one and your setting is already Yes for this value, it will continue to be Yes. The change is only to the default value for when the user first uses ORP and has no default yet.

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