Upgrades Explained

If your company would like to install a newer version of Office Routing Plus, the steps are outlined below.  Please visit the changelog frequently for updates (this can also be accessed from the add-in main form, by clicking the “?” icon. 

  • Your company must be actively enrolled in the support/upgrade plan. 
    Read more about enrolling in the support plan here.
  • Request the update by emailing support@office-routing.com
  • As of version 3.x, users may simply install the new upgrade without needing to uninstall the current version you are on.  Running the setup.exe file will automatically uninstall the old version.  Also, pushing out the software silently is now much easier with the new Advanced Installer.
  • For detailed instructions for silent installations and other installer information, see here (the steps for an upgrade are the same as a new installation).
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