Feature Highlight

ORP Document Merge Feature in MS Word –  Enterprise version only.  Our ORP Enterprise version not only has enhanced features over our Standard routing product such as routing history, but it also has a great feature for companies that utilize parallel routing (the route all at once option that can be set by the initiator on outgoing documents). The ORP document merge feature allows you to merge documents into a final document if you are the initiator and a document you routed using the All At Once feature is returning to you from a downstream recipient.  This feature utilizes the history feature of ORP Enterprise and stores a pointer (which you can update in the merge screen) to the initial file.  Then, as each recipient returns a document to you, ORP Enterprise will detect that All at Once routing was used and it will take the new file sent to you and give you the option to merge it to your initial file. The Track Changes feature will show you the changes each recipient made.  This process will then be repeated on the subsequent documents sent to you from other recipients so you can merge each user’s changes into a cumulative document.

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