ORP – No Longer Contingent Upon Outlook; User Configuration Settings Now Stored Per User Rather Than per Machine

Office Routing Plus version 3.00 has been released, and it has some great new features.  If your company would like to upgrade to version 3.00 or higher, you must be current with your support plan.  The summary of version 3.00 is below. For the complete Office Routing Plus Changelog click here.

Summary of 3.00

  • Office Routing Plus is now fully functional, independent of Outlook or any specific email client running on the client machine. There is now a configuration button in the program, which will allow the end user to select Outlook as the client, or to enter custom SMTP settings for any Email program. Users may also use the new configuration tool to set the recipient selection mode–meaning where ORP should get recipient names from to display as potential routing recipients. The options are: Outlook, Active Directory, or Manual (which lets users just type in any recipient name without a listing of users from their organization). 
  • Another important change in this release is that ORP now stores all config files per user rather than per machine (ORP utilizes the %AppData% folder, intended by Microsoft Windows for per user settings for applications. In Windows XP this would be: C:\Documents and Settings\*user name*\Application Data\Office Routing Plus\.  On Vista and Windows 7, it is at C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Office Routing Plus.   For existing customers whose configuration files are currently stored per machine, after obtaining this version, ORP will copy the existing settings from this machine to the user AppData folder referenced above.
  • This version also uses a different method for loading the 3rd party Redemption product, which is used to communicate with Outlook. This will address some of the errors that we occasionally see with redemption not loading properly on some machines. 
  • Aesthetic changes to the main form.
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