Announcing ORP (2012.04.10.01)

We are announcing a new release for Office Routing Plus Standard edition.  This is version 4.0; however, beginning with this version of ORP, we are creating a new version naming scheme based on release date.  So this code executable itself will be called Version 2012.04.10.

In order to request this version you must be current with your support plan.  To get current with your support plan (or to check if you are current) email

The following are the primary new features for version 4.0:
-Previous versions of ORP were limited to 255 characters in the body or comment section of the outgoing email to next recipient.  Users now have no limitation on the size of the comment/body.

-New reject document feature allows downstream recipients to reject a document with a comment and this goes back to the initiator with the document and a rejected status in the routing slip.

-Added right click ability to see recipient’s comment or email a recipient. This allows for comments from all users to stay with the routing slip on the document (previously, only the last recipient’s comments were saved with the routing slip).

-Anyone can now be signed up for receiving status emails (and updated files at each step)-previously, only initiators could receive tracking emails that show the status of the routing process.  Either the initiator can sign up other recipients for tracking emails, or when recipients downstream receive the document, they can sign themselves up.

-Changed the track changes feature in MS Word so that initiator is now the only one who can toggle it and initiators now have the option to track changes at the time they enable this feature from ORP or only once they send to the first recipient.  If users downstream use the MS Word menu to turn track changes back off, ORP will set it back on (with no prompts to user) for the copy of the doc that gets routed out.

–When closing a document that has a routing slip, if the document can be routed to the next recipient by the current user, a new improved dialogue box will be shown which will allow the user to route with or without a comment to the next recipient, and it will also allow the user to disable this prompt (it can be re-enabled from configuration screen).

-If a document is marked as final in 2007 and up then ORP wont let you do anything with the routing slip

–ORP can now be configured to automatically delete the message that was routed to you from your Outlook inbox when you route this document to the next recipient (the deleted message will show in your deleted folder in Outlook.  Note this feature is enabled by default but users may turn this off if they’d like by using the configuration button).

–When resetting the slip, ORP will not keep the initiator as the last recipient as it does in previous versions (the initiator will always be the last recipient without needing to add him/her as the last recipient, since the completed document always is returned to the initiator when the last recipient has approved it).

To request this new version, email

Inquire about upgrading to our new Enterprise Product for Office Routing!

See our complete change log history for Office Routing Plus.

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