Office Routing Plus For Office 2013 and Windows 8

The Office Routing Plus product is currently being tested for compatibility with Office 2013.  We are also testing for Windows 8.  If your company would like to test the product in your environment on Office 2013 or Windows 8, please let us know.

As of March 7,2013, Office Routing Plus (ORP)  is already successfully routing documents for approval for Excel on Office 2013 and we are just finalizing some changes for routing slips to work for Word 2013.

Office Routing Plus was initially launched in Office 2007 to replace the send to next routing recipient feature, which was removed in Office 2007.  Since its initial release, the product has become more than just a replacement for the original route to next option on Office 2003.  Our Enterprise product has many additional features for sequential and parallel routing and our Outlook version is now out in Beta. Contact to evaluate Office Routing Plus in your Office 2013 or Windows 8 environment.

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